Faced with renewed and growing interest in Endurance racing in New Zealand, NIERDC have received a number of enquiries about eligibility of non-GT3 homologated race cars, for their 4 round North Island series.

NIERDC’S President, David Dovey said, “Whilst its great that we have so much interest in this year 2021 North Island Series, this has raise some challenges with several new non GT3 homologated racecars entrants that have requested a decision on the eligibility of 3 potentially very fast cars, that potentially have the ability to be game changer’s”.

“Our 6 person committee has had considerable discussion on how to deal fairly with non GT3 homologated racecar eligibility request’s that we have received. We have therefore decided in the best interest of our existing competitor base, to formally reserve the right to handicap the performance of any entrants car that exceeds the performance of the currant GT3 car’s competing in our series”. 

“We have also banned the use of Carbon Fibre brake rotors, as these hugely expensive brake components, that provide a significant advantage in a vehicles unsprung weight, and the reduction they offer in reducing braking differences”. 

“This effectively means that providing any genuine 2 or more occupants car with a fixed roof, approved by the NIERDC committee will be eligible for our series, providing it is not equipped with Carbon Fibre brake rotor’s and its entrant agrees to be bound by a formal directive to restrict the performance of that vehicle if in the sole view of our technical Committee, it exceeds the performance of existing GT3 homologated cars”.

“We are hopeful that SIERDC will also support our initiative in banning Carbon Fibre brake rotors as this should allow non GT3 complying racecar’s to compete here in New Zealand along with any other performance restricting measures to ensure that any such racecar, does not have an unfair advantage” said Dovey.

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