Lochlainn Fitzgerald-Symes has entered the 1 hour race for the North and South Island Endurance Series this year and he will be driving his new car, a Porsche Cup car 997 gen. 

2021 will be his 5th season in the endurance series. He has previously won class 2 in the North Island in 2018, in the South Island in 2020 and won the NZ Endurance Championship in class 2 in the 2019 season, all racing the 3 hour. “This year with the new car we step up to GTB so looking forward to the challenge, but racing the 1 hour, therefore fuel and tyre conservation won’t be such an issue” Lochlainn said.

He is a consistent competitor and has experience on the tracks as he has raced on all of them for both the North and South Island series, being Hampton in the North and Highlands in the South his favourites.

Lochlainn is driving as an individual, his team has always been very family oriented with lots of mates helping out and his mechanics race engineers this year are Action Motorsport.

So far he has had a test at Hampton and raced in the Porsche Pirelli series since round 2. He has 2 more rounds before the Endurance series starts and to date the team is very happy with the pace of the car.

As part of his training he does some simulator training for new tracks, but he prefers to be driving the car as in real life there’s way more variables, so he tried to get out in the car whenever possible.

He is happy with the pace of the car and comparing times from previous years he is quite confident to compete well in class and overall. “I have not so much expectations for this season, I have goals! We are planning and setting to win but being a new car, a top 3 finish in class and top 5 overall would be great” he said.

We wish you the best of luck for the new season and we can’t wait to see your new car on track!

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