It will be the second season Greg Kroef will be competing at the North Island Endurance Series. He will be driving a Falcon FG Ute in the 2 hour endurance race.

He has just bought the new Falcon FG as he was running the old BF Ute version, and he’s excited to try it out at the endurance series this season, “the car is performing better than me, I need to get used to the car” Greg said, laughing.

He shares his passion for racing with his son Brad, who will be competing at the series for the first time, driving his old BF Ute.

Greg has only contested in the one hour race at Pukekohe last year so he is looking forward to racing his new car on all tracks this year. He is also competing at the V8 Utes championship so by the time the endurance series start he would have done one round at every circuit and this will get him ready to start the 2021 season in good shape.

“I haven’t been racing enough so my expectations are to finish well with a straight car and have fun. I’ve been doing that since I started. I wish I had started earlier”, he said.

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