Brock Timperley Motorsport has confirmed his entry to the 1 hour endurance race this season. He will be racing alongside his mentor, John McIntyre for the first time this year. The team will be driving a Ford Falcon in which Brock won the 1 hour endurance race at Pukekohe in 2019, as well as that year’s class title.

Brock has been involved in motorsport since he was 10 years old, starting with go-karts and moving to race cars at the age of 18. He said John has been a great mentor and support for the last couple of years and he is excited to finally race with him at the North Island Endurance Series.

The team has great expectations for this season and is very confident in getting podium in their class, “a class win will be nice but we have pretty quick cars against us, we got 2 good drivers but we will see if we can make it happen. We feel confident for podium that’s for sure”, Brock said.

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