The North Island Endurance Driver Club [NIERDC] Chairman David Dovey, said today, “we are thrilled to have successfully negotiated live Sky TV coverage of both our 1 hour and 3 hour Golden Homes Endurance Series, with the Heart of Racing foundation”

“In negotiating the broadcasting rights for our 4-race series we were mindful of needing to be inclusive of all of traditional competing club members, which is why both the 1-hour and 3-our events were packaged together”.

“NIERDC is a MSNZ sanctioned car club, formed by drivers for drivers who wish to compete in long distance events, and in order to compete in our events every driver must be a member of the Club without exception”.

The strength of NIERDC is our management Committee who meet frequently by ZOOM conferencing, to manage all aspects of our club and our endurance series, including all of the regulation’s that go along with that, and I need to acknowledge their excellent work and commitment to making the NIERDC Series what it is today, said Dovey.

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