Futura trailers’ team will be competing across the three remaining events

Photo courtesy of Matt Smith

6 Futura trailers employees will be competing across the remaining North Island Endurance events in the 2hour race. Two employees driving per event and all first timers!
Sunjay “Trai” Kumar and Brad Wilson in Hampton Downs, 28th and 29th May, Stevie-Lee Wes and Alex Gough in Taupo, 11th and 12th June and James Cuno and Kieran Cribb in Pukekohe, 26th and 27th June.

“We have been thrown in the deep end by our employer Glen Reid however we are all looking forward to the challenge with an aim of just finishing the races in one piece. We are all excited as we all share an interest in cars and racing”, Alex Gough said.

The team will be driving a BMW E36 cup car that is currently being repaired as it was in a minor crash last week. The car is in great conditions and performed really well for Glen Reid in this year’s 2k cup series.
“We’re nervous as it will be the first time for all of us on any circuit, we want to have fun in one piece!”, Alex said

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