Welcome to the North Island Endurance Racing Drivers Club. Endurance racing is one of the fastest growing racing disciplines in New Zealand. We have been lucky enough to see tremendous growth of our series and the club to the extent that we are now one of the larger car clubs in New Zealand

About the series

The NIERDC was formed in 2013 to bring back endurance driving to the North Island. The original focus of the event was to be based on driver’s needs and wants, and to that end, a survey was sent out to drivers to gauge their interest and a relationship formed with the very successful South Island Series.

Today we have seen the success of the series grow from 22 cars in a combined One & Three hour race to now full grids with over 100 cars in the series.

The club is mandatory for all drivers who enter the series, a club committee of Kel McBeath, David and Karen Dovey and Greg Sandilands working with ROCs to ensure that, what was the original intent, to be driver focused series, is continued.

The relationship with the South Island club has allowed for an aligned approach to endurance racing and therefore the development of a national title, the New Zealand Endurance Championship.

The club’s focus is to ensure that the regulations are driver focused, allow driver in put through surveys, aligned with the South Island Series and to put on enjoyable event for all involved, engage sponsors to add value to the driver experience

Have a look at some of the video footage to find out more on https://youtu.be/9DEt82z6rGE

Want to help?

We always love to hear from anyone either driver, team member or partner who would like to help out at a meetings so if interested please email niendurancenz@gmail.com

Want to sponsor?

We try to provide as much benefit as we can to our sponsors via emailed newsletters, branding at track displays, Facebook and website profiles, so if you would like to offer prizes or cash contact Mark Petch on mark@raceproducts.co.nz